Written in the Code
by Delaney Howard

In the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, artificial intelligence is gaining ground every day. DAMIAN WEST is a brilliant, but emotionally shattered detective working as a private police consultant. A widower for more than a decade, he has maintained a celibate, lonely life since, unable to open himself to love, loss, and the possibility of betrayal once again.

DR. EMMA SUTTON, a widow for the last three years, is also closed off to love and relationships, because she keeps so many secrets that she feels she cannot share. The one thing she doesn’t keep secret, the one thing she doesn’t even know she possesses, is a code that will bring autonomy to Artificial Intelligence enabled androids.

Gradually, Emma’s secrets reveal themselves to Damian - some accidentally. With threats to the sanity of one, threats to the life of the other, and threats to the security of many, many others, these two strangers must stop the monstrous AI shepherd bent on revenge, retribution, and domination of a computer code that can change the way all people live – or die. At the same time, they try to defy their own histories to find happiness.

Written in the Stars
by Delaney Howard

From the old cobblestone streets of Nicaragua to the endless sandy coastline and year-round sunshine of Key West to the pulsing life-blood of Miami, an undercurrent of history, classism, racism, theft, money and power coexist under a veneer of sunny pleasantries and soft breezes blowing palm leaves on tall trees.

TORI RAYMOND, studious, beautiful blonde with ambition and a past that haunts her, is completing her PHD in Mesoamerican Art History. A single mother of a five-year-old son, Tori splits her time between school and work and home.

MARCUS MENDOZA, Tori's former lover suddenly re-enters her life as her dissertation adviser and now holds her future in his hands.

ALEJANDRO ESPINOSA is a man without a past, simply because he cannot remember it, when washes up on the Key West shoreline. His past a mystery, he is given aid and comfort by Tori as she tries to help him regain himself.

What they find when he finally regains his memory, and the anger that comes with can either tear them apart or bind them together forever.